Deepwater Technology Specialists

DeepTrend, recognizes the need for experienced deepwater project personnel and was founded to specifically target this market.

Our expertise is in helping Oil and Gas companies specify, design, acquire, manage and install deepwater hardware. Our goal is to offer high quality, cost competitive services that will meet and ultimately exceed the long term deepwater project needs of the oil and gas companies. 

At DeepTrend, we focus is ensuring that your deepwater projects and installations are managed properly and installed successfully.

DeepTrend has installed 100+ trees, including some of the deepest trees in over 9000 feet of water, and completed dozens of re-completions and well interventions on existing wells.



DeepTrend’s engineering expertise is in helping oil and gas companies specify, design, acquire, manage and install subsea deepwater hardware.



DeepTrend is uniquely positioned to provide subsea equipment, interface management and installation expertise to subsea projects.



All DeepTrend consultants have spent the majority of their careers with varying hardware suppliers developing deepwater technology.