DeepTrend consultants offer an average of over 15 years deepwater experience –
in design, manufacturing and installation.

Founded in 2002, DeepTrend’s engineering expertise is in helping oil and gas companies specify, design, acquire, manage and install subsea deepwater hardware. DeepTrend has worked for more than 30 deepwater operators on hundreds of projects and wells in the Gulf of Mexico and around the world. We’ve consulted on, specified, tested and installed over 400 tree systems and participated in many subsea projects from FEED to permanent abandonment.

DeepTrend team members all started their careers working for subsea hardware vendors in varying capacities from subsea equipment engineers to supervisory hands for field construction and equipment installation.  DeepTrend team members average 15+ years of subsea equipment experience.  We not only specialize in providing subsea technical expertise during planning and design phases of the project, but also work closely with client’s drilling and completion teams for integration testing and equipment installation.  Due to this equipment intensive experience, DeepTrend is uniquely qualified to provide subsea equipment, interface management, and installation expertise to both large and small subsea projects. 

In recent years, our portfolio of well and project experience has kept us very involved in continuing field operations for many operators.  We continue to work operators on multiple interventions, side-tracks/recompletions, and P&As for wells where we originally installed the subsea equipment.